Laurelhurst Bathroom Remodel Before

Just a couple pictures of the before. A nice remodel in Laurelhurst of an as-built master bathroom. While part of one of the wonderful established neighborhoods of Portland, this house was built in 1979, making it a unique find. As you can see from the pics the simple master bath was in need of an update.

Clearly a very small bathroom, this is looking towards the vanity from the master bedroom. While in good cosmetic shape, the dark stained vanity with laminate counter-top strongly dates the room. The sheet vinyl flooring also isn’t up to the general standards of the residence, or certainly the potential of the neighborhood.

The other side of the master bath. You can see the very small shower stall in the corner, the toilet was tucked behind the door in a cramped nook. Not exactly the best configuration…

This first pass of the proposed bathroom remodel, rendered using Google SketchUp. We increased the overall size of the bathroom by pushing the far wall out into the adjacent dining area by three feet. While this increase still results in a modest sized bathroom, it does give the space for both a shower and bathtub, wonderful floating double basin vanity, and some added elbow room.

A closeup of our rendering of the new vanity. Custom designed in house, and fabricated by one of our cabinet shops, we created a floating modern solution to the small space bathroom. By deviating slightly from standard dimensions, we helped create a functional walkway between the vanity and the new bathtub, as well as accommodated for our taller than average clients.

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