NE Portland Basement Renovation After

Here are some after images from the previous post.

The above image shows the new set of built in cabinets we used on this project, and the new egress window to allow the space to function as a legal bedroom. The far left cabinet is small hanging clothes closet, the center upper sliders hide a flat panel television and associated electronics, with plenty of deep drawers below for other bedroom necessities. We also matched the wood and stain to the clients existing bedside tables and headboard, in order to better tie the room together.

The new bathroom and laundry area are similar to previous, but modernized and brought up to the standards of the rest of the house. A new shallow depth cabinet hides the existing water heater tank, a new butcher block counter-top over the washer and dryer provides a great work surface for folding clothes and the like. Along with a new set of appliances the room is really starting to feel like a modern retreat! While this image is before paint, the final touch was a nice bamboo themed wall paper, really making the room have a wonderful spa quality.

Another shot of the laundry area and new cabinets on the adjacent wall. These cabinets add much needed storage to the new living area, not only hanging space on the left but great drawers and shelf space through the middle and on the right side.

The other side of the bathroom, including the new shower stall. This image is again before the new wallpaper and paint had been applied, but you can see how we tied the space together by continuing the bead board wainscoting onto the new shower stall. The subway tile and glass shower door both echo the prevailing details we would expect to find in this part of town, and modernize the space at the same time. The green Marmoleum was a wonderful solution to the needs of this job. Economical,  sustainable and a great sheet flooring option for a space like a bathroom, we found the choice to be relatively easy to make.

A better closeup of the new shower stall. You can see the new shower, while still on the smaller side, is wonderfully inviting and reflects the desire to balance the aesthetic of the existing house with a more modern retreat feeling space.

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