NE Portland Basement Renovation Before

Another project from last summer, though worth showing off.

The basement in this NE Portland bungalow was finished immediately before our clients bought the house several years ago. While the work that was done was overall great, some of the finished surfaces were less than ideal for use as an actual bedroom. In particular the bathroom finishes were more suited to occasional guest use rather than daily use. Furthermore, the renovations performed did not include an addition of a legal egress window, an important safety feature for all legal bedrooms.

The above image shows the existing bath conditions. While the sink and toilet were both high quality fixtures, the brown linoleum flooring and one piece fiberglass shower weren’t in line with the rest of the house, or up to snuff for a daily use bathroom.

While functional, the washer and dryer hookup at the other end of the bathroom left a bit to be desired. No cabinets nearby, and a poorly operating vent line made for a constantly dirty feeling space.

The existing bookshelves were quite nice, but didn’t help with storage in the way the homeowners needed.

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