NE Portland Master Bathroom, After

Some pictures of the previous post after we wrapped up our remodeling work.

The new clear stained vertical grained fir cabinet clearly ties the updated bathroom into the aesthetic conversation of the rest of the house. Finished with a solid surface quartz counter and an under-mount sink the vanity adds modern cleaning convenience and long term functionality, but still retains the look and feel of what might have been original. The same goes for the bin pull style drawer hardware, bright chrome faucet hardware and period appropriate towel bars and the like. The newly framed mirror, in matching CVG fir, is understated but helps tie the room together further. While some of these details may seem trivial, they go a long way in making the space simply feel “right”.

As soon as you step into the inner portion of the bathroom you are confronted by the new, wonderfully large shower. We removed the jetted tub, which was only used for occasional children’s baths and turned the entire area into a new tiled in shower. Our clients opted for a fixed glass panel, which works great to keep the rest of the space dry yet avoids the congestion sometimes caused with operable doors. The shower was finished with two tiled in nooks, all in period appropriate subway tile. We replaced the older double hung window with a new fixed vinyl window, which from the street matches the six over one design throughout the rest of the house.

This is the right hand view looking out of the shower. We removed a very rudimentary bookcase, and access to the eaves crawl space, replaced with a built-in cabinet in matching CVG fir. The newly added ventilation fan was located in the crawlspace, venting out the roof, to allow for additional insulation in the otherwise shallow roof rafter bays.

This image is looking the other direction out of the shower, at the relocated toilet. We chose a Toto toilet that retains some of the period detailing one would expect, but with very modern water-saving features and superior performance. We also added additional chrome towel hardware to further complete the package as well as increase functional storage in the small space.

A better shot of the hex tile in the bathroom. We installed a Warmwire radiant floor heating kit throughout the bathroom, to help combat that terrible cold tile feel first thing in the morning. While hard to tell from these pictures we selected a hex tile that has a slight variation across the field, again to better help tie the remodel into the surfaces elsewhere in the house. We also chose to use a subdued accent scheme, which again fits the overall aesthetic of the house to a T.

This image shows the subtle, yet fun accent we installed in the shower pan. These simple accents help add visual punch to the project!

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