NE Portland Master Bathroom

This remodel will resonate with folks all over town, or so I imagine. This great NE Portland home as built didn’t have a bathroom on the second floor, so at some point in the 1980′s a dormer was added and a master suite was created. While this is the most ideal solution to adding a bathroom on the second floor, the fixtures and finishes were starting to show their age. We proposed a simple cosmetic face-lift to the space, truly creating a master suite worthy of the home. While this project did not include any complicated changes to structural elements, or major redesigns of the space, it does serve to show how updating these cosmetic elements can help all at once modernize and tie a house together.

The existing vanity, with tiled counter top and black drop in sink were in need of replacement. In addition to some failing grout, and outright missing tiles this design did nothing to reference the aesthetic of the rest of the house.

In order to make the space work legally as a bathroom the tub and toilet were inset into the dormer, which is a great means of picking up the needed headroom in the otherwise pitched second floor. While this basic design was still working, the jetted tub had stopped functioning years ago, and the tile was dated and failing throughout. Furthermore the wide tiled deck created around the tub presented an awkward means of getting into and out of the bath.

This corner plumbed toilet was a great way to pick up some floorspace, allowing for a full size tub. That said, part of the intent for the project was to find room for traditional fixtures that would fit the overall aesthetic of the house much more completely.


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