Older Moisture Ant Repair

This project is from last summer, though seems like a nice chance to highlight the downsides of our wet climate.

What started as a simple replacement of an older set of French doors, with a new set of Simpson doors, turned into a massive structural repair along two sides of this NE Portland residence.

When the original set of French doors were installed on this small porch, improper flashing was applied through the bottom of the sill allowing water to seep into the underlying framing. Once the wood framing and subfloor became compromised from this moisture incursion, moisture ants were able to infest this woodwork and completely destroy the wood. As we investigated further, we found the ants had been able to work their way along the rim joist and sill plate, destroying the framing running approximately 40 feet in total.


We proceeded to remove all water damaged and insect compromised framing, supporting the house in sections as we worked around the front of and down the side of the house. While replacing the framing, we used pressure treated lumber, and took the time to add seismic hold down bolts into the foundation. Once all the structural repairs were dealt with, we replaced the deck we removed off the french doors, and added a simple overhang roof to keep the new doors dry during the rainy season.

All in all not the best news to find when setting out to simply replace an older door, but does go to show the importance of proper flashing and frequent checks around your property for signs of water or insect damage.



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