Upper Free Kitchen

This small project was pretty straightforward, design and build kitchen cabinet shelves to use in lieu of upper cabinets. Of course, like many things, the how was somewhat more difficult than the finished product might show. We wanted to make sure than these new kitchen shelves would be easily able to support the various kitchen appliances, plates etc that would inevitably end up one them, without ever sagging.

Our solution was to weld an underlying support for the finished shelves, which once installed can easily hold hundreds of pounds of kitchen gear!


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Timbertech Decks

A few years ago we replaced several decks for one client with a number of rentals around town. While the decks we were replacing were cedar, we decided to use TimberTech composite decking, and galvanized steel fencing for the railing fields. These materials should last for decades, without needing maintenance each year. Clearly this is advantageous for a rental situation, but also a great approach for owner-occupied homes.

This simple deck included a triangular cutout for two existing maple trees, and a continuous step along twenty five feet of the deck.


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